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Tuesday 2:00 - 5:00 pm*
Saturday 9:30 - 10:30 am
 *extended Summer hours!*
A little fun for kids of all ages every Tuesday at 2:00pm.

Here is what is in store for June...


Sculpting by Toni

 Story Time Crafts fixed

Crafts A Movie

Fiddle Camps in Nebraska

Registration is now open for the 2017 Schoolhouse Fiddle Camps, in the Old Avoca Schoolhouse
 504 Garfield St., Avoca, Nebraska
Deborah Greenblatt, championship fiddler, author of many fiddle collections, will help the campers get in touch with their inner fiddler. The course of study during the Schoolhouse Fiddle Camps will be designed specifically for the individual campers who sign up.
The June Camp (June 12 - 16) is for folks who consider themselves beginners. 
The July Camp (July 10 -14) is for folks who consider themselves intermediate or advanced. 
Enrollment is limited to 10 fiddlers for each week, so that everyone will get individual attention.

$60.00 fee for 1 day.
$110.00 fee for 2 days. ($55 per day)
$150.00 fee for 3 days. ($50 per day)
$180.00 fee for 4 days. ($45 per day)
$200.00 fee for 5 days. ($40 per day)

For more information, e-mail Deborah at debby@greenblattandseay.com.

To register on line, log on to: http://www.greenblattandseay.com/schoolhouse_fiddle_camp.shtml


Avoca's Yard of the Week


 Yard of the Week

Need a little help with your landscape?

If so, contact: The Garden Fairy
Janine Cruz
Horticulture student at MCC
Clean up and soft scape planting
Call (402)-297-4441 or 275-3767.
Granny Lisa's Glass Flowers
If your looking for that one of a kind gift come on by Avoca's local gift shop!
Open 6 days a week
10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Closed Sundays.
Call 402-275-3292 for an appointment.
$25.00 for the glass flowers to hang on a nail or a sheppards hook
$38.00 dollars for the glass flowers on a green fence post.
$48.00 for all others

  Gr. Lisa flower side viewGranny Lisas Glass Flowers



Local businesses looking for you:

 IMG 20170523 135129

2017 05 24 BVR LK jobs



 What else is happening in and around Cass County?

Check out the following events...


5 Outdoor Skills 2017

6 Balance in your Basket 2017


7 Smarthone Photography flyer


8 Stem


9 Give Twirling a Spin with 4 H




June 9 & 10, 2017

Springfield Days Agenda 2017


Springfield KickBall Tournament 2017Springfield SoftBall Tournament 2017



2017 oozeball flier



Murray Run Walk

Murray Dance Camp

 2017 05 24 MFF CAR SHOW FLIER 1




2017 05 31 rvsd LSV LTD LCM schedule


SRP Poster Weekly 2017

Wild Birds Marge Knudsen

SRP Poster Daily 2017



Meanwhile...at The Lofte Theatre...

 Lofte Auditions

 Gullivers Aud jpg