Date:  Monday, April 13, 2020

Present:  Ehmke, Kirchhoff, Moses, Clark, Lehn and Clerk, Kirchhoff

Absent:  None                          Guests:  Lowman

All board members and one guest was present.  The members were separated and kept the 6 feet distance with guests observing from the lobby.  The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 pm by the Chairman and reminded all in attendance of the Open Meetings Act posted on the wall.

The Minutes of the March 9, 2020, were submitted for approval.  A motion was made to approve the minutes followed by a second and upon roll call all voted ayes.

The Treasurer’s Report was submitted for approval.  A motion was made to accept the report followed by a second of the motion and upon roll call, all voted ayes.


            Fire Department had nothing to report.  The siren is not operating at this time.  Once the travel band has been lifted the company will be here to make repairs.  There will be road construction on HI way 34 and the company working will be getting water from the reservoir.  It was discussed with the fire department to be sure this won’t run them low to fill trucks.  A meter needs to be installed in the firehouse to better track water usage.    

Keene was not present and did not leave a report.

            Kirchhoff was not at the Library Board meeting to report.  They are distributing food bags for anyone who in need of assistance during the pandemic, people may contact a Library Board member.  They did not have an Easter Egg Hunt this year. 

            Lowman was present to discuss the current Ordinance 94.02 about animals, mainly chickens.  He would like to see this portion of the Ordinance changed to allow laying hens.   After some research he presented the Board ideas for a new Ordinance.  The Board will be looking into changing the Ordinance to allow for chickens and no roosters, only laying hens and a limit of 6.  The Board dismissed the idea of charging for a building permit, but it will need to be approved by the Board to be sure the location and size is within limits of property lines and built to code.  There will not be a fee per chicken, at this time.  If the individual wanting the chickens is a renter of the property, the Board will need to receive a written consent from the property owner.  A motion was made to change the Ordinance.  The motion was seconded and upon roll call received 4 ayes and 1 nay.  The Ordinance change will be discussed in May, June and July for residents to voice opinions for or against.

Old Business:

Properties:  Nothing has been received by attorney. 

Utility Bills – There were 6 shut off notices mailed, working to collect 3 or shut off.  The meter is reporting a main leak.    The Board held a discussion regarding late fees and shut off of service.  A motion was made because of the pandemic late fees will be waived during this time and there will not be any shut offs; however, the resident will still be responsible for paying the entire amount that is due.  The motion was seconded and upon roll call all Board members voted ayes.  The increase of water rates will be tabled until the May meeting.  The Clerk will see if Burke is available to attend or conference call that day to help with explanation of increase and possibility of decreasing the sewer rates.

The Board discussed the need for concrete by the bridge and this will be discussed with March.  Concrete and bike rack will still be installed by the office and will also look into curb by post office.  The Clerk will also check with JEO regarding the curb.  Ehmke will get separate pricing for each area of concrete work that needs to be done.

The tractor shed work will be completed.

Cleanup Day – April 25 - CANCELED.   After discussion and reviewing what other towns/villages are doing, the Board decided to cancel the April 25 cleanup.  It will reevaluate the possibility of having the cleanup later in the year.  Because of the pandemic they feel it is better to cancel for everyone’s safety.  A motion was made to cancel.  The motion was seconded and all members voted ayes upon roll call. 


New Business:

            Two new street signs have been ordered.

            The Board held additional discussion from last meeting, regarding painting the parking lines on House Street.  It has been suggested to change the angle of the spaces to allow for the long trucks and a handicap area by post office was discussed. 

Clerk Questions or Correspondence:

            The Clerk reported to the Board that most of the towns/villages have closed their offices to the public during this time.  A motion was made and seconded to close until further time and all Board members voted ayes upon roll call.  Payments may be placed in the night drop box.  There will be envelopes if needed and if a receipt is requested, make a notation or attach a sticky note.  The Clerk has posted her cell phone, 402-580-3245, if anyone has questions and she is not in the office.  Also reach out to her if you find yourself needing assistance with paying bills during this time and she can assist you in finding help.

The Clerk has not received any information regarding the startup of KENO.          

Trustee Reports:

Water/Clark:  Nothing to report.

Sewer/Kirchhoff:  Nothing to report.

Finance/Lehn: Nothing to report but did find some information regarding grant for bridge.

Parks/Moses:   Nothing to report.  The restrooms at the park will remain closed due to the changing weather and pandemic.

Street/Ehmke:  Nothing to report. 

Discussion of bills to be paid for April:   A motion was made and seconded to approve payment for Moses, upon roll call four ayes and Moses abstain vote.  A motion was made and seconded to approve pay for Ehmke, four ayes and Ehmke abstain vote.  A motion was made and seconded to pay the remainder monthly bills as listed along with the automatic bills.  Upon roll call vote, all voted ayes.  The following bills were approved for payment:  General Account:  Kirchhoff - $627.57; Windstream Nebraska - $123.71; Intuit - $8.44 One Call Concepts Inc. - $1.15; Office Depot - $270.66; Papillion Sanitation - $162.05

Sewer Account:  Keene - $894.97; Kirchhoff - $89.95; Midwest Laboratories - $60.00; Tri-State Pumping LLC - $1043.64; Meeske Hardware - $25.26; Mid-American Research Chemical - $644.98

Water Account:  Keene - $159.64; Kirchhoff - $89.94; Sewer Account - $2378.70; Rural Water Dist. #3 - $1677.50; Water Loan Repay Account - $2200.00;  NE Department of Revenue - $283.46; NE Public Health Environmental Lab - $15; Postmaster - $55; Weeping Water Express Lane - $1.69  

Street Account:  Ehmke - $99.74; Moses - $141.63; OPPD - $60.94

Community Improvement:  Lowman - $39.10; Triple R Welding LLC - $3437.75  

Automatic Payments:  Black Hills Energy - $194.08

 OPPD – General - $282.65; Water - $55.29; Sewer - $458.52; Street - $763.99

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Upon roll call, all voted ayes; and the meeting was adjourned by Chairman at 7:39 pm.  The next meeting of the Avoca Village Board will be held on Monday, May 11, 2020, at 6:00 pm at the Village office at 609 House Street.  Minutes are submitted by Marilyn Kirchhoff, Village Clerk/Treasurer.