Date:  Monday, August 12, 2019

Present:  Ehmke, Kirchhoff, Lehn, Moses, Clark and Clerk, Kirchhoff

Guests:  Ball, Staack, Adams, Kirchhoff and Cribbs

All board members and five guests were present.  The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 pm by the Chairman and reminded all in attendance of the Open Meetings Act posted on the wall.

The Minutes of the July 8, 2019, were submitted for approval.  A motion was made to approve the minutes followed by a second and all present voted ayes.

The Treasurer’s Report was submitted for approval.  A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s report, the motion was followed by a second and all present voted ayes.


            Fire Department had nothing to report.  They have been cleaning and working on plan to connect the two buildings.

Keene was not present and did not leave a report.

            Library Board summer program has come to an end.   The Board is working on plans for Ladies Night September 20, October 18 and November 22.  They are also working on a Town Walk.  The Garden Club met at the Library for their meeting.  Additional shelving is needed.  Hours will return to regular:  Saturdays 9:30 – 10:30 am and Tuesday 4-5 pm.

            Staack and Adams are working with the Weeping Water ball teams and discussed with the Board the possibility of using the Avoca field next season.  They will be planning fundraisers and working and making improvements to the field and dugouts.  A motion was made and seconded to approve this plan for use of the ballfield.

            Kirchhoff and Cribbs were present to discuss the traffic on Tefft Street.  The Board discussed the problem and will look into speed bumps.  Unfortunately, this area is not the only one in town that has traffic violations, but will start with this first.

            Ball reviewed the insurance plan with the Board and the need for some updating and information needed.  The clerk will work with Ball to get this completed.

Old Business:


            Nothing has been received from the attorney.  New letters will be sent for areas of concern making note that vehicles will be tagged and towed at owner’s expense and attorney will be contacted for further legal action if needed.

Utility Bills – There were 6 shut off notices mailed, five were paid and one lien was filed, the reader showed 2 leaks.

Clark did check into the status of the bridge and confirmed that the concrete work will be scheduled with installation. 

Ehmke has not purchased tin for the tractor shed.

There was no input received regarding the possibility of charging for the cleanup day.  The Board will discuss the changes to charge at a time nearer the next cleanup day.

New Business:

Information was received and discussed from the State of Nebraska.  A motion was made to pass the Resolution for the signing of the Municipal Annual Certification of Program Compliance Form 2019.  The motion was seconded and all votes by roll call were yes to adopt the Resolution.

Clerk Questions/Correspondence/Miscellaneous:

The clerk will be attending a Leader’s meeting for MAPA.

Information was needed for the Lower Platte South NRD – Hazard Mitigation Plan and the answers will be submitted. Next meeting for Cass County will be on Wednesday, September 5.

The Clerk also asked for help with desk and spraying of wasps.

Trustee Reports:

Water/Clark:  Nothing to report.

Sewer/Kirchhoff:  Nothing to report.

            Finance/Lehn:  Commented the street work done looks nice.

            Parks/Moses:   Nothing to report.

Street/Ehmke:  A load of rock was delivered.

Motions were made and seconded to approve the payments of the bills for August.  All present board members voted and the following bills will be paid:

General Account:  Kirchhoff - $627.57; Windstream Nebraska - $124.25; Lincoln Journal Star - $34.08; Intuit - $8.44; Hauschild - $1082; Office Depot - $306.22; Moses - $207.78; NE Dept of Revenue - $167.15; Avoca Rural Fire Protection District - $2372.82; Meeske Hardware - $1.79

Sewer Account:  Keene - $894.97; Kirchhoff - $89.96; Tri-State Pumping - $845.76; Meeske Hardware - $155.53; Filing Fees - $50

Water Account:  Keene - $159.64; Kirchhoff - $89.94; Sewer Account - $2857.07; Rural Water Dist. #3 - $1118.60; Water Loan Repay Account - $2200.00;  NE Department of Revenue - $343.15; NE Public Health Environmental Lab - $15; Postmaster - $55; WW Express Lane - $3.38

Street Account: Ehmke - $177.31; Meeske Auto Parts - $59.97; Stutheit Implement - $29.99; Asphalt Maintenance - $15,000; OPPD - $1170.06; Meeske hardware - $11.32

Community Improvement Account:  Antes - $55

Security Deposit – Water Account $240.34

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  The present board members voted ayes; and the meeting was adjourned by Chairman at 7:48 pm.  The next meeting of the Avoca Village Board will be held on Monday, September 9, 2019, at 6:00 pm at the Village office at 609 House Street.  Minutes are submitted by Marilyn Kirchhoff, Village Clerk/Treasurer.